Monday, July 27, 2009

Romantic Movies

Wow, it's been awhile, hasn't it? My computer melted down last weekend and I had to SHARE a computer until the dh got it up and running. Funny, isn't it, how accustomed we get to having our own? Anyway, I had to spend the time I had the computer writing. I met my deadline and get to start a new project today!

I believe The Romance Studio is giving away a copy of Show Off today (it's on my calendar, but not on the page yet.) 

While you're there, vote for poor lonely Vicente from Show Off in their">Hero Competition. They're also 
giving away a ton of e-books.

ANYWAY, I was on Twitter today and Teresa Medeiros mentioned the movie FOUL PLAY, the one with Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase, remember it? I love that movie. I own it. So I started to think about other romance movies I love that are kind of beneath other people's radar.

First is Foul Play, where Goldie Hawn plays Gloria, a ditzy librarian who inadvertently gets involved in a plot to kill the pope. Chevy Chase is the investigating officer who ends up being her bodyguard. It has great banter, lovely scenery of San Francisco, a very romantic scene on a houseboat and one of the best car chase scenes ever. See, something for everyone!

Next is Keeping the Faith, with Jenna Elfman, Ben Stiller and Edward
 Norton. They play friends who formed a bond in childhoo
d before Jenna's character moved off. Ben grew up to be a rabbi and Edward grew up to be a priest, and they work together on community projects. When Jenna's character returns to town, it causes all sorts of problems, including some doubt for our priest character. Still, great romance.

The Matchmaker is a movie set in Ireland, starring Janeane Garofalo and David O'Hara. Janeane's character Marcy works for a politician who's trying to find his Irish roots to get ahead in the polls. She meets and falls for David's character Sean. I remember some sad bits and some singing, but again, great romance.

Mr. Wonderful is the story of Matt Dillon trying to find a new husband for his ex-wife so he doesn't have to pay alimony anymore and can invest in a bowling alley. Only it turns out none of the suitors are good enough for her.

Then there's Paperback Hero, where Hugh Jackman plays a trucker who writes romance novels under a woman's name. When his book hits big, though, he can't tell his publisher he's a man, so he recruits his best friend Ruby (whose name he wrote under) to be his public face. It's a best friends romance with a love triangle,
 and Hugh Jackman is in an undershirt. A lot. What's not to love? This one is a bit tricky to find.
What are your favorite romance movies that other people might not know about?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In the Spotlight, and Funnies

I'm in the spotlight over at Whipped Cream. You could win a copy of Show Off!

My friend Barbara sent me these. I thought they were great!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fantasies, and 2 Reviews

I'm done with my dance story and now I'm thinking about what my next story should be about. I started thinking about fantasies.

I don't think I'm ready to delve into menage, toys or serious bondage. I'm thinking, I guess, more romantic fantasies that can be turned sexy.

There's the desert island fantasy, bad boy/good girl, bad girl/good boy.

What are some romantic fantasies that can be sexy?

SHOW OFF has gotten two reviews this week, and I'm pretty pleased!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A New Title

I finished a new short story today. I love it, the story of a bridesmaid and a groomsman with a history who hook up again at a wedding. Haven, the heroine, was sure Eric was out of town. After all, when he'd left her after their 2 week affair 8 months ago, he'd said he'd be gone a year. So she's completely surprised to find him checking into the hotel. A dance at the rehearsal dinner heats things up between them and she decides that a weekend fling wouldn't break her heart.

I'd like a title with something dance related in the title, and it is set in Texas, so maybe something with Two Step?

Any ideas?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Things You Don't Want to be Overheard Saying While Plotting in Barnes and Noble

My friend and I were working on our plots the other day in the Barnes and Noble Cafe and I blurted out something a little too loud. So I thought of other things you wouldn't to be overheard saying in Barnes and Noble, when people don't know what you're doing.

1) “I need more sex.”

2) “How much C4 do you need to blow up a bridge?”

3) “But I don’t want to do bondage!”

4) “Maybe it’ll be sexier if he goes down on her first.”

5) “Not sure I’m ready for anal sex.”

6) "But when he bites her, does she like it?"

What are some embarrassing things you’ve been overheard saying?

Oh, and Show Off is NUMBER ONE in the Wilder Roses! WOOT! And THANKS!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So I'm reading an erotic romance and an inspirational romance at the same time. I'm reading the erotic one on my computer (no e-reader) and the inspirational one when I'm away from the computer.

The thing is, they aren't that different. Other than the sex, there's terrific conflict, terrific tension, and the urge to know what's going to happen to these people.

A story is a story is a story, right?