Sunday, July 5, 2009

Things You Don't Want to be Overheard Saying While Plotting in Barnes and Noble

My friend and I were working on our plots the other day in the Barnes and Noble Cafe and I blurted out something a little too loud. So I thought of other things you wouldn't to be overheard saying in Barnes and Noble, when people don't know what you're doing.

1) “I need more sex.”

2) “How much C4 do you need to blow up a bridge?”

3) “But I don’t want to do bondage!”

4) “Maybe it’ll be sexier if he goes down on her first.”

5) “Not sure I’m ready for anal sex.”

6) "But when he bites her, does she like it?"

What are some embarrassing things you’ve been overheard saying?

Oh, and Show Off is NUMBER ONE in the Wilder Roses! WOOT! And THANKS!


LASR Admin - Romance Reviews said...

I was WITH an erotic author a few months ago...we came out of the restaurant and she turned to the rest of us and said, "I need to go back to the room and finish a blow job."


Emma Jay said...

LOLOLOL!!! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!!! That's GREAT. Can you imagine people overhearing and feeling sorry for the guy who was left hanging ;)

Erica K. Novak said...

LOL...I love this, Emma!