Thursday, June 11, 2009

Excerpt Time!!!

Tomorrow's the big day! I can't wait to see the response to Show-Off! (Okay, I'm actually a little nervous. First erotic romance and all that, remember?) But I loved writing the book so much, I have to hope a lot of people will love reading it!

Here's an excerpt. Please remember to come back tomorrow to see the special treat a friend gave me in celebration.

The door opened, and a woman walked in, blonde hair billowing, a shiny trench coat floating open over...Well, at first glance, what looked like nothing. When she stopped at the hostess stand, he could very barely see the outline of a dress, the same color as her skin. She motioned to the bar, the hostess nodded, then the woman stepped back to let her trench coat slide down her arms. The bar silenced—at least the men did—as all attention turned to this goddess in the flimsy dress that clung to her nipples, hinted at a glimpse of her secrets with every step she took in her high heels. Amazing legs, too—long, with graceful curves. She hesitated only a moment when she reached a barstool, then bared just a bit of black panties as she sat and crossed those legs, body turned halfway toward the room.


Vicente’s mouth went dry as she arched her throat, a clear invitation, and ordered a drink. Before the bartender could deliver it, she was surrounded by at least four men, each willing to take her up on her invitation. His view of her was slightly impaired, so he shifted, heard William laugh behind him just as the woman turned her profile and— He knew that profile. Had seen it every day for the past four months, outside his office. But how could this be Veronica Butler, the woman who wore her hair in a bun and blouses buttoned to her collarbone, skirts nearly to her ankles? Did she have a secret life? Because she certainly kept that body a secret.


One of the men, young, blond, handsome, stood before her with a lime and a shot of tequila. She obligingly let her head fall back and allowed him to trace the slice of fruit down her delicate skin. The man grinned and leaned forward to lick it from her skin just as Vicente stepped onto the raised platform of the bar.


“Veronica?” he asked, stepping through her admirers. “Veronica Butler? I almost didn’t recognize you.”


Veronica snapped her head up at the sound of her name in that familiar Spanish accent, the “r” rolling, the “o” and “i” long. She’d let the

pronunciation roll over her skin for months now, heard it in her sleep, in her fantasies. Her gaze collided with that of her very handsome, very hot supervisor, the man she’d lusted after since he had arrived from Spain to lead the team designing a new downtown, Gaudi-influenced hotel three months, two weeks and three days ago. The man whose  eyes hinted at dark, sexy secrets, whose stubble- shadowed mouth promised untold pleasures. The man whom she’d pictured when she bought this dress, never thinking he’d actually see her in it.


He definitely saw her in it now, his gaze drifting to her breasts, though he made an effort to look into her eyes. His already arched eyebrows lifted, and his dimples deepened in appreciation.


Her first instinct was to cover up, but she’d left her trench coat on the coat rack by the door, and her little shiny purse didn’t offer much protection. She tucked her hair behind her ear. All the confidence

she’d felt when she walked into the bar evaporated in the face of the one man she didn’t expect to see, no matter how she’d hoped.


Rebecca J. Clark said...

Congrats on your new release. you must be so excited!


Norah Wilson said...

Cool, Emma! "Show Off" is now sitting on my desktop waiting to be read. :-)

Emma Jay said...

Thanks, Rebecca and Norah! Norah, I can't wait to hear what you think!

Or maybe I can.... ;)