Sunday, June 21, 2009

What is Sexy?

I love a man with dimples, with broad shoulders, with a direct gaze, but nothing makes me shiver like a sexy, deep voice. 

Once upon a time, my friend Cindi and I had huge crushes on a figure skater (I know). Philippe Candeloro was sexy, gorgeous, and talented. We would call each other when he'd skate and sigh together. 

Then one day we heard him interviewed. He had this really high pitched voice. I don't think I ever watched him skate again.

Voices can be definite deal breakers. And they can be definite draws. I like Michael Weatherly from NCIS, but his voice keeps him from being hot to me. Same with Nathan Fillion. 

Some voices I love:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

George Clooney

Jensen Ackles (unless he's in drill sergeant mode)

Jeff Goldblum (even when he stutters. Even though he's almost as old as my dad.)

And Javier Bardem, who caught my attention in the previews for VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA and became the inspiration for my hero Vicente in SHOW OFF.

What do you find sexy in a man? Who has the sexiest voice, in your opinion? What are your deal-breakers?


Lisa Pietsch said...

Love Vin Diesel's voice when he lowers it into that sandpaper growl. Yum!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan could read the daily paper (any daily paper) to me and I'd need paper to wipe the drool from my mouth.

Anonymous said...

don't forget russell crowe!

and i totally agree with you on jeffrey dean morgan and jensen ackles (even in non-drill sargent mode).

Helen Hardt said...

What is sexy? A hero who loves his heroine with a fierce passion and absolute love. And a great voice doesn't hurt ;). My favorite? Gerard Butler. The accent, the depth... He can whisper sweet nothings to me anytime.

Skhye said...

Edward James Olmos... I don't know why because I swear he sounds like he's whispering. Then again, maybe I need that because I'm so high strung. LOLLLLLLLLL

Great post!

J.A. Saare said...

Sexy to me is a man that is strong as he is fragile, flawed as he is seemingly perfect.

As for celebrity men, that's easy - Chris Evans and Alexander Skarsgård. I'll have to post a few of my favorite pics of them on my blog. *sigh*


J.A. Saare said...

Oh, almost forgot, Nathan Fillion is definitely a top choice for voice. I also love James McAvoy (love those Scots!)

Lisa Pietsch said...

Eh? Fragility in a man is highly overrated. I had a fragile man once - he cried more than I did.


J.A. Saare said...

You so missed my point of what I was saying, but that's okay.

I will say this - I went out with a "manly" man once that made me drool. It was great until he broke my heart, took off with rent, and went onto the next in line!

Now that made ME cry! LOL!