Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I am not so good at keeping secrets. In fact, I’m quite terrible at it. A couple of years ago, my mother-in-law revealed a big one, that she’d kept for over 40 years. I had to keep that secret for a week before I could tell anyone.


I thought I would explode. I ended up telling an out-of-town friend who had no stake, just to get it off my chest. FINALLY I told my mom, who is as bad about secrets as I am.


The joke in my family is now, “Can you keep a secret?” “No, but Renee can.”


Now I’m keeping this new identity a secret from all but my husband and a few writing friends. It’s HARD! I’m no Batman, let me tell you. Worse, I have out of town company this week, the week my first book is launching! Near impossible, I tell you.


What’s the biggest secret you’ve ever kept?


Linda Carroll-Bradd said...

I agree--this is pretty and sexy. Good luck and wishes for many sales, my friend.


Emma Jay said...

Thanks so much, Linda!!!!