Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Heat of the Moment and Heat of Passion Reviewed

I’m going to review Heat of the Moment and Heat of Passion together because they’re part of a series. Heat of the Moment is the first, but I read Heat of Passion first because it was a free read on Amazon. Good for Elle Kennedy, because I went back and bought Heat of the Moment. Confused yet? I’m never good with titles, much less those that are so similar.

Heat of the Moment is about Shelby, who has a thing for the Navy SEALS who frequent her restaurant, especially John Garrett. She overhears John and another SEAL, Carson, talking about her and coming to the conclusion that she’s too vanilla, that she’d never satisfy. She takes this as a challenge and invites them both up to her apartment, where she makes love to both of them.

Carson made love to her first, while John watched, and even thinking about that scene is thrilling. Then Carson is called away and Garrett and Shelby make love, both hot and sweet.

I really enjoyed this story, but not as much as Heat of Passion, which is Carson’s story. Carson meets a hot girl, Holly, at a club and after a sexy dance, they have hot sex in a supply closet. She tells him the wrong name, but as chance would have it, they encounter each other at Garrett and Shelby’s wedding, where Holly is one of the caterers. This story doesn’t have ménage or anything, but is sexy as hell, while telling a true romance story. Can’t wait to read Heat of the Storm!