Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pas De Deux

I have always loved stories about ballet. I took ballet when I was younger, but I'm nowhere close to graceful. So I'm happy with watching movies like White Knights and reading books like Pas de Deux by Fiona Jayde.

Lynnrina is a ballerina making a comeback, but is receiving threatening letters. Her bodyguard (squee! Anyone else remember that episode of Starsky and Hutch where Hutch is the bodyguard for a ballerina and they get it on in front of the fire? Best. Episode. Ever.) is Mateo, an ex-cop and a former one-night-stand. Sparks fly!

The story is grittier than I expected, not very glamorous, the atmosphere dark, the characters a little needy. But despite that, I loved the book. I loved Lynn's desire to find success, and Mateo's own issues--the reasons he walked away from the police department. The sex was steamy, and I only wished the story had been longer! I look forward to reading more by Fiona Jayde.