Saturday, June 19, 2010

Riding Double

Yesterday I read the book Riding Double by Sayde Grace. It was a very...interesting book. First, it was told in first person from the heroine, Billie's, POV. Okay. Not my favorite, especially in erotica, but I'll go along. Billie is a cowgirl who takes the rodeo animals from one venue to another. Interesting career. She picks up cowboys along the way as she tries to mend her broken heart. (And DUDE. It's broken. TONS of conflict here with the hero.)

She picks up 21-year-old Chet and they meet back at his hotel room. He warns her his roommate might be back any minute, but she doesn't care, and they get busy. Of course, the roommate does return, and guess who it is? The guy who broke her heart, Bo. But after a few minutes, Billie and Chet go at it again, with the ex watching. I think I may be revealing too much about myself here when I say I found this incredibly hot. When Chet finishes without Billie, she fakes an orgasm, and when Chet blithely goes to shower (those 21-year-olds need to learn when a woman's faking, is all I'm saying), Bo takes over and finishes her off. Yowza.

The best part about this book is the conflict. I won't spoil it here (I may have already given up too much), but I couldn't see how these two were going to overcome their conflict. It was huge. And sad. I cried.

I would have liked a bit more description, especially since the book was in first person, but this is definitely a smokin' hot book.


Sayde Grace said...

Thanks so much. I guess the crying was good? Right :)I hope you liked it enough to wait for Melony's story which is next in the series but this one will be in third :) Thanks again and I've tweeted your blog up a bit. Hope you don't mind.


Emma Jay said...

Sayde, I'm so glad Chet and Saige will get their happy ending, too!