Monday, June 28, 2010

I'd Make an Excellent Hermit

I teach fulltime, so in the summers I kind of hunker down and enjoy "me" time. The last four days I've sort of left my comfort zone--went out of town with my mom on a day trip, went to different bookstores to see if they'd carry the upcoming release of my alter ego, went to the farmer's market (OMG crowded) and had an old friend and her daughter over. Last night I dreamed about being stuck in a trailer with my boss, my teenager, my bff and the school counselor, and I was anxious for "alone" time. Then I dreamed about going to church, which was SO crowded I couldn't sit with my family, and at the end of the service, 2 of my former HS friends (who have found me on Facebook) ran up to me with a note trying to draw me into the drama of their lives.

Exhausting dream, right?

So I'm back to hunkering down today, writing and reading and maybe some pool time, all in the comforts of home!