Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Taking Risks

The premise of Show-Off is that my hero Vicente and heroine Veronica have sex in public places. For Vicente, this keeps Veronica at arms length while he tries to figure out how he really feels about her. For Veronica, it’s a voyage of self-discovery. She learns more about herself as she falls for the sexy Spaniard.


The dh and I used to be adventurous, back in the day. I remember one day at the lake, for instance. No one was around, but there were boats passing by that might have seen. The thought was thrilling. We got pretty hot and heavy in a dark restaurant, in the movie theater (I know, how cliché) and—risk of all risks---my parent’s pool.


Where’s the riskiest place you’ve ever been amorous?


Christine Morgan said...

I have a funny story. When I still lived at home back before my hubby and I were married, we went outside to his car (parked in the front yard.)
We hadn't planned it but it happened. At one point he told me to move my foot (he had a small car) I did and the next thing ya know, the horn was honking. My foot ended up on the steering wheel...right on the horn.
It was really funny, luckily no one else seemed to hear! (this was at night luckily)