Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Best Arms

We saw Iron Man 2 this weekend, and I lived for the scene where Tony Stark worked on his new design in his tank top. Robert Downey Jr. is a little guy, and he's older than I am, but DANG does he have nice arms.

I'd heard of Hugh Jackman before the X-Men movies, saw him in a romance called Paperback Hero, but when he showed up in those movies looking like this---Guh.

The first time I was made aware of Matthew McConnaughy, he was on the cover of Vanity Fair in jeans and a chambray shirt, just before A Time to Kill came out. I thought he was very handsome, but if you've heard him talk, well, he's a little too good ol' boy for me. But very very nice arms.

I watched the new Amityville Horror before I'd ever heard of Ryan Reynolds. I loved the original movie, which I watched when I was a kid. But when Ryan's character went nuts, playing with the ax while shirtless in the rain, well, I completely forgot to be scared!

When I started watching Supernatural, I was a Dean girl all the way. Then came the episode "Heart," which had Jared shirtless and HOT. Is it any wonder I use him as the inspiration for Brady in LESSONS FOR TEACHER?

Who do you think has the best arms?


Ann_Campbell said...

I am a huge Matthew McConnaug-hottie fan. He frequest the Austin area and I kkep thinking maybe one day I'll get lucky enough to run into him. Of course that would mean that I would have to drive the 30 miles to Austin more than once a year but hey...I can dream :)

Emma Jay said...

How funny! Jared Padalecki is from San Antonio, where I am, and I hope to run into him when he's in town! No idea where that might be, though I heard he loves Whataburger!