Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm writing my very first menage. Interesting that it's also the characters' very first menage. That also makes it more difficult. In stories I've read, the men, at least, have shared a woman before. In my story, the heroine has slept with both men, but never together. I've got them snowed in at a motel, no place to go, and lots of hormones zinging.

But I'm having trouble moving them from hormones to action.

See, my heroine is in love with one of the heroes, while the other is just her fuck-buddy, or at least he was until she fell for the first hero. So I'm having trouble figuring how she can voice her desire for a three-way when she's in love with one and not the other. It's a fairly new relationship, too, so that will put her on shaky ground.

I'm also trying to figure out how the hero, her hero, would agree to share her.

Most of the books I've read, the heroine loves both heroes. In this one, she's in love with one but not the other. I've never read one where it's the first time for everyone. Have you?