Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Just in case you're wondering, this is as far as I'm going in my explorations and comparisons of the male anatomy ;)

I've always been a fan of the smooth chest, or maybe just a sprinkling of chest hair. But Sam Worthington (he of Terminator:Salvation and Avatar) had me rethinking this. He's quite furry, and I find it quite sexy. The only picture I could find was an older one. He seems a lot hairier now.

Even Jake Gyllenhall is doing the hairy for his new movie, Prince of Persia (which I have no desire to see--anyone?)

We rewatched Season 1 of LOST last week and Jack took off his shirt to reveal a hairy chest. I did a second glance.

The ultimate hairy chest goes to Tom Selleck, though. I enjoy his charm, but never really loved his hairiness. This picture, however--he was about the age I am now when this was taken.

And then there's the guy at the top of my list.

But usually, I go for smooth.

What about you? Do you prefer smooth or hairy?


marybelle said...

Smooth is hot!! Hairy is NOT!!