Monday, May 31, 2010

Excerpt from Lessons for Teacher

WARNING: Adult content ahead!

“Maybe I should be on top,” she said breathlessly, surprised by her own courage.
His nostrils flared. “Yeah?”
Nerves skittered through her as she sat up to make room for him. She hadn’t done a good job in the past, but she’d never been quite so motivated. “If I’m not any good, we can try another way.”
“Sweetheart, that’s so not what I’m worried about.”
He took up most of the bed, so she wondered how to mount him as she shimmied out of the thong. Carefully, she straddled him, barely finding space for her knees beside his hips. He stroked his palms up her thighs as she curled her hand around the base of his cock to bring him inside. “I’m worried about beating you to the finish.”
“I’m sure you can find a way to remedy that, should it happen.” She lifted up, dragged the head of his cock over her slick cleft, teasing her clit for a minute. She’d never had the confidence to do this, couldn’t believe she had the confidence now, sliding her hand up and down, her pussy up and down, watching his reaction. He held his breath, his hands on her hips. She took pity on him and took him into her, inch by inch. The tendons in his throat tensed, as well as his fingers on her hips, but he didn’t thrust up into her. Still, she felt the quivering in his body that told him he wanted her to take all of him.
So she did, wincing only a little when the head of his cock butted her cervix. God, she had never been so filled, so stretched, and she rolled into him, wanting to build on the sensation. She explored angles and rhythms while Brady choked out breaths beneath her, grasping for control as she discovered the effect his body could have on hers. His fingers relaxed when she found just the right angle, where the tip of his cock rubbed against a pleasurable spot, a pleasure that heightened when he added the brush of his thumb over her clit, rewarding her for each stroke, encouraging her to take him deeper, harder, faster.
The freedom, the power, was incredibly liberating. She was no longer aware of the protesting springs of the mattress—until the bed collapsed beneath them.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Chapter of Lessons for Teacher-Read It Here!

D. Renee Bagby Presents First Chapters

A contest!

To celebrate the last week of school (FINALLY) and the release of my novella, Lessons for Teacher, I'm having contest. A random commenter will win a $10 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press. All you have to do is name the hottest teacher depicted in TV or the movies! I'll even get you started!

Mr. Schuester on GLEE!

Mark Harmon in Summer School.

He's a coach but still sexy--Kyle Chandler in Friday Night Lights.

And, okay, maybe not sexy, but one of my favorite teacher/Arnold movies--Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop!

I'll be leaving excerpts throughout the week to whet your appetite. Tell me your favorite TV or movie teacher. A random commenter will be chosen SUNDAY JUNE 6! Have fun!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Holy Cow, I Have a New Release Tomorrow!

I've known it was coming, but with the end of school....well, it kind of crept up on me.

So...Lessons for Teacher is released on Friday! Here's an excerpt to whet your appetite.

The other students shuffled in their seats, gathering books, signaling that it must be time for class to end. She dismissed them with an assignment, and turned her attention back to Brady.

She recognized the gleam in his eyes and immediately her pussy dampened with anticipation.

“I’ve got to get you under me,” he said, approaching the lectern with a casual stroll and leaning in close.

“Oh!” Desire flashed through her, so strong she couldn’t let go of the lectern right then. “Where?”

“My dorm room. Let’s go.”

She bent to scoop her bag off the floor, stepping around another student as she hurried after him. “Your roommate?” she asked when she caught up with him in the hall.

“In class.”

“Are you sure?”

He glanced down at her. “If he’s not, I’m kicking him out.”


“Jamie,” he mimicked, then curled his hand around her arm and dragged her into an alcove by the soda machines. “That was hot,” he muttered, crowding her against the wall. “Makes me want to think of something else to argue with you about, just so you can get me hot.” He eased in close enough to kiss her, his breath teasing her lips. She parted her own in anticipation, but he stepped back, drawing her with him.

“Is your room far?”

It wasn’t, was blocks away and three floors up, a tiny room she couldn’t imagine him sharing with another person, since he took up so much of it. One side of the room was decorated with gaming paraphernalia, the other side sparse, just a cheap computer desk and a very narrow twin bed. Jamie

had no idea how Brady slept there comfortably night after night.

Behind her, he locked the door and dragged a chair to prop under the handle. When she raised her eyebrows at the move, he shrugged.

“Would you rather hang your bra on the handle to warn him off?”

She pressed a hand to the new bra she’d bought this morning. “No. Do they really do that?”

“I’ve never seen it, outside of movies.” He tossed his backpack onto the chair beside her and grasped her hips, pulling her close. “Please tell me you aren’t wearing underwear.”

She swallowed and grinned. “A thong.”

He drew in a sharp breath, his eyes going dark. “This I gotta see.” He reached behind her and found the zipper of her skirt unerringly, unhooked it and let it fall to her feet. He sucked in an appreciative breath when he saw the scrap of black lace. “Turn around.”

She did, suddenly self-aware. “I don’t have the best ass.”

“You have a great ass.” He smoothed his hands over her cheeks and drew her against him, pressing his hard cock against her butt. “Did it turn you on, wearing that? Because if I’d known you were wearing that, I would have dragged you out in the middle of class.”

“I’ll say it made me more—aware.”

“Aware. Shit.”

Still pressing his hard-on against her ass, he fumbled with the buttons of her blouse. The fabric parted over her new bra, her breasts swelling over the top of the cups. He curved his palms over the smooth skin, tucking his fingers inside the fabric to tease her nipples.

“If I say pretty please, will you wear this every day?”

“Maybe.” She eased away from him and shrugged her blouse off, draping it over the chair before stretching out on his bed and drawing her leg up in a seductive pose. “You said something about needing to get me beneath you?”

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Just in case you're wondering, this is as far as I'm going in my explorations and comparisons of the male anatomy ;)

I've always been a fan of the smooth chest, or maybe just a sprinkling of chest hair. But Sam Worthington (he of Terminator:Salvation and Avatar) had me rethinking this. He's quite furry, and I find it quite sexy. The only picture I could find was an older one. He seems a lot hairier now.

Even Jake Gyllenhall is doing the hairy for his new movie, Prince of Persia (which I have no desire to see--anyone?)

We rewatched Season 1 of LOST last week and Jack took off his shirt to reveal a hairy chest. I did a second glance.

The ultimate hairy chest goes to Tom Selleck, though. I enjoy his charm, but never really loved his hairiness. This picture, however--he was about the age I am now when this was taken.

And then there's the guy at the top of my list.

But usually, I go for smooth.

What about you? Do you prefer smooth or hairy?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things I'm Loving Right Now

1) The Hunger Games. I started listening to it on CD and wow. Just, wow.

2) Chris Noth. I love The Good Wife, and started watching because of him, though he's not on enough for me. And he's not on my list, but wow.

3) Crazy Heart. The dh, a country guitar player in his free time, and I watched this last night. Jeff Bridges absolutely deserved that Oscar.

4) Simply Caramel from Milky Way. Yum. My.

What are you loving right now?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Best Arms

We saw Iron Man 2 this weekend, and I lived for the scene where Tony Stark worked on his new design in his tank top. Robert Downey Jr. is a little guy, and he's older than I am, but DANG does he have nice arms.

I'd heard of Hugh Jackman before the X-Men movies, saw him in a romance called Paperback Hero, but when he showed up in those movies looking like this---Guh.

The first time I was made aware of Matthew McConnaughy, he was on the cover of Vanity Fair in jeans and a chambray shirt, just before A Time to Kill came out. I thought he was very handsome, but if you've heard him talk, well, he's a little too good ol' boy for me. But very very nice arms.

I watched the new Amityville Horror before I'd ever heard of Ryan Reynolds. I loved the original movie, which I watched when I was a kid. But when Ryan's character went nuts, playing with the ax while shirtless in the rain, well, I completely forgot to be scared!

When I started watching Supernatural, I was a Dean girl all the way. Then came the episode "Heart," which had Jared shirtless and HOT. Is it any wonder I use him as the inspiration for Brady in LESSONS FOR TEACHER?

Who do you think has the best arms?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A New-To-Me Favorite

Amazon has Heat of Passion free for the Kindle right now, and I downloaded and started reading and WOW. Wow. Sexy and romantic, an alpha hero who isn't overbearing, a heroine who feels real. I immediately bought the other two books in the series and will work my way through her other books.

What new erotic romance authors have you discovered? What am I missing?

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm writing my very first menage. Interesting that it's also the characters' very first menage. That also makes it more difficult. In stories I've read, the men, at least, have shared a woman before. In my story, the heroine has slept with both men, but never together. I've got them snowed in at a motel, no place to go, and lots of hormones zinging.

But I'm having trouble moving them from hormones to action.

See, my heroine is in love with one of the heroes, while the other is just her fuck-buddy, or at least he was until she fell for the first hero. So I'm having trouble figuring how she can voice her desire for a three-way when she's in love with one and not the other. It's a fairly new relationship, too, so that will put her on shaky ground.

I'm also trying to figure out how the hero, her hero, would agree to share her.

Most of the books I've read, the heroine loves both heroes. In this one, she's in love with one but not the other. I've never read one where it's the first time for everyone. Have you?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Books By Their Covers

Our librarian at school always tells the students not to judge a book by its cover. But I admit, I need to love a cover before I pick it up to read the blurb. Yes, I find books other ways, too, mostly by word of mouth, but covers are the first thing to draw my attention.

The first book I remember selecting by its cover was Winter Roses by Anita Mills. I loved the red-haired hero, the background colors and the castle. I'd never heard of her before I saw this book, which became my all-time favorite book.

Another book I bought recently because I was drawn to the cover was The Ghost Exterminator by Vivi Andrews. I'm not big on paranormal books (though I love paranormal shows and movies, go figure) but this cover grabbed my attention over and over, and it's been one of my favorite reads so far.

I bought Everything to Lose because, DANG, doesn't that guy look like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, he who is at the top of my list?

I've "known" Leslie around the internet, but this cover sold me on the book (out now in print!)

What books have you bought based on the cover? How did it work out for you?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The List

You know the list--you've played this game before. You may remember the episode of FRIENDS, where Ross couldn't decide the fifth name on his list and decided against Isabella Rossellini, then actually met her. He tried to convince her his list wasn't final, but she pointed out he'd had it laminated. LOL!

I've done some rearranging of my list lately. After seeing The Losers last weekend, I rediscovered my passion for Jeffrey Dean Morgan. SLURP.

Then, this past winter, I saw Terminator Salvation AND Avatar. Let's just say I was first in line for Clash of the Titans. Sam Worthington is number 2.

Here's where it gets tricky. I do love those Winchesters, so Sam and Dean will be 3 and 4.

Number 5---well, I'm going to leave number 5 open for now. Not going to be like Ross and lock myself in.

Who's on your list?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Goodness, It's Been a Long Time!

Many apologies (to those who are still reading!) This school year ate my lunch, but I did manage to write and sell another novella to The Wild Rose Press. Lessons for Teacher will be out May 28.

I know it sounds like a cougar romance, but it's not. The hero and heroine are the same age--she is a teaching assistant whose college career was delayed by a bad marriage and he is a veteran who wants to become a war correspondent. They find common ground, and common attraction. What a way to wrap up the school year but with a school-related romance?